Blog posts about snail travels

As far as I know, I’m the only Norwegian interested in focusing vacations on snails, that is why I’ll do this in English. Of course, I have the freedom to do this, as I am  single and have no job. I have a few disadvantages too; social anxiety, unable to make a phonecall, almost 40 years old, very limited funds and I travel alone.

When planning my travels, I mostly look for endangered and threatened snail species that I can’t see anywhere else. Unfortunately, more and more species become endangered every year. When I’m in site, I’ll usually find more common snails as well. Since 2016 it’s no longer alowed to take snails back to Norway (I used to do this with common species). Some countries have banned all export of snails (I’ve started a list of these, please fill in!).

Almeria, Spain – November 2013

This was my first snail journey and I was looking for the endangered Iberus gualtieranus. The trip was a success and inspired me to travel more. Photos and report in Norwegian.

Cuba – January 2017

One month in Cuba, but I only saw snails in Baracoa, and no Polymitas. Still, I enjoyed the journey and was happy to see more common snails. After this, I really want to travel more! Travel report in Norwegian here (lots of pictures).

Alpes Maritimes, France – April 2017

Just one week, with a base in Nice. I traveled around the countryside, mostly in the mountains, by train and bus. This was my third trip to Nice, but the first alone with snails in focus. I really love the landscape and the snails! See pictures here.

More places I’d like to travel to see snails:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Canary Islands (Spain)
  • The stretch from Barcelona (Spain) to Carcassonne (France)
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile/Peru
  • Australia (too expensive)
  • New Zealand (too expensive)
  • Madagascar
  • Montenegro/Georgia
  • Italy
  • Madeira

Do you have places you’d like to go to see snails? Or tips for where I should go?

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